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Austin, TX  78748
Havens Your Way Decorator
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  I've been interested in design most of my life. When I was six I started decorating our family's house.  My mother would go out and come home to find the furniture moved.  It drove her crazy!  I was thinking about feng shui long before I even knew what it was.

   As a girl, I would advise my mother's friends how their homes could look better. It all came to me instinctively.  And then, like now, I would often think about how to create a space that was balanced, that allowed for easy movement, and was comfortable.

   When my husband and I bought our first condo after we were married 25 years ago, I was so excited to be able to decorate my own home.  It's hard to describe how thrilling this was for me.  We were always on the lookout for things to make our home more an expression of who we are.

   A few years ago, as my children were getting older, I began designing jewelry. My son has developmental disabilities, and I needed something that was calming and would be a channel for my creativity.  I loved it, but it was mostly a solitary activity.  Around this time, we also added a family room to the back of our house.  It came out beautifully, and friends would encourage me to consider design for a career. They'd tell other friends about me, and I began to get calls asking for help.  My first jobs were a beach house, a suburban home, and a dentist's office.  I had come full circle!
And I continue to get deep joy from this work.

I really feel that I'm meant to be a designer.