" Lisa Levine is a designer with a unique and special talent.  We’ve used many high end designers before and they have been wonderful however the price for this service has been astronomical.  What Lisa brings to each project is a passion for an esthetic that completely resonates with each of her clients specific needs.  She does this not only with a great design eye but with a mind for the cost and practicality of a design project.

    She is fabulous at scouring for good deals.  She is wonderful at making a room work beautifully, without breaking your pocketbook.  She will of course, give you a more expensive look if that’s what you are looking for but you will realize when working with her that you have the option to decorate a room elegantly for less cost.
   Another aspect of working with Lisa that is hard to find elsewhere is her unique personality. She’s committed to understanding of each of her clients needs.  She listens and offers great advice.  She’s a pleasure to work with. "
- - -  Sophia & Leon Navickas


      " If you are looking for a fantastic experience with an interior decorator, look no further!  Lisa is one of the warmest people you will ever meet.And it is this earthiness in her that has her very connected to the project from the get go!!  Lisa also is extremely detail oriented,an exceptional listener with creativity just one of her natural traits.

   Lisa is also the Queen of bargains.. from The Christmas Tree Shop to Bloomingdales, she really knows the market and the  products, and works very well within the Budget given!  Lisa has a wonderful eye for color, and knows how to mesh different ideas into one seamless one. "
- - -  Ratti Handa

       " Thank you for working with me redesigning my main floor and game room this past winter.  Your warm personality, honest opinion and humor made it so much fun.  From our first meeting until your final walk through, your dedication was appreciated.

   I am very pleased with the results and so are my friends and family.  Look forward to working with you in the future. "
- - -  Scott
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